Sunday, May 31, 2015

Greatest Hits: Fat Shaming Video Warns of “Mythical” Problems, Like Heart Attack, Hypertension, and Diabetes


Fat Shaming Video Warns of "Mythical" Problems, Like Heart Attack, Hypertension, and DiabetesWould you believe that there are people out there that think that health is a social construct?  You’d better believe it!

Clearly, he's a victim of a social construct!

If you've been following some of the nonsense going out out there, you know that there is now a movement to de-legitimize healthy living.  Some call it "fat justice."  Of course, it's component "oppressor" is called "thin privilege."I covered this for a while prior to my "semi-retirement."

Is "Fat Justice" to blame for increases in Diabetes?

Fat Liberation vs. Rape Culture: Opposite Sides of the Same Jelly Donut

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Are You Aware of Your 'Thin Privilege?'

The basic premise of the entire "Fat Justice/Thin Privilege" delusion appears to be that health is a social construct designed solely to take careers, sexual attraction, and prosperity from fat people, and give it to thin ones.   And, all of those health problems that are scientifically proven to come with being overweight, like heart attack, hypertension, and diabetes?  It's all made up to make shame the fat, and reward the thin!

Here is a video that will surely be labeled as "fat shaming" propaganda!

My portrayal of the "Fat Justice/Thin Privilege" folks, of course, is largely parody.  After all, how can one discuss something so ridiculous, and not laugh.  However, for the "Fat Justice/Thin Privilege" crowd, it's very serious.

As serious as a heart attack, you might say.


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