Sunday, May 31, 2015

Elizabeth Warren honored with new nickname: ‘Flipping Bull’

**Written by Doug Powers

Because of this latest bit of hypocrisy, Elizabeth Warren has not one but two home shows in production at cable nets: “Property Comrades” and “Hammer (& Sickle) Time!” Here’s why…

Elizabeth Warren’s 2006 book “All Your Worth,” in the section talking about home-buying myths, contained this:


With that in mind, check out this gem from National Review:

Warren rose to political prominence in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis as a crusader against big banks and a dispenser of common-sense economic advice. She campaigned for the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, intended to shield people from the predations of the mortgage and credit-card industries, among others.
But Warren bought and sold at least five properties for profit at a different time in her life, before the cratering economy and a political career made her a star.
The profits from these flipped homes adds up: Even excluding the property sold by her brother, Warren and her husband have made at least $ 240,500 flipping homes (before deducting the unknown sum they invested in remodeling).

The details here.

In fairness though, maybe a six-figure income from house-flipping isn’t considered much compared to the kind of wampum what Dances With Identity Theft is accustomed to.

And don’t forget to pick up Warren’s latest book, available only in the Harvard faculty lounge, select DNC gatherings and at the pantsuit t-shirt stand at “Ready for Hillary” meetings:


She’s made lots of money, and you can’t too!

**Written by Doug Powers

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