Friday, May 29, 2015

Food For Thought – The New America

Beverly B, a reader of this blog, sent the following to me and I thought it would provide some food for thought. I know which group most of you would place yourselves, but maybe some newbies will stumble in and it might get them thinking.


The New America

A French philosopher, Alexis De Tocqueville came to the United States to learn what magic quality enabled a handful of people to defeat the mighty British Empire twice in 35 years. He looked for the greatness of America in her harbors and rivers, her fertile fields and boundless forests, mines and other natural resources. He studied America’s schools, her Congress, and her matchless Constitution without comprehending America’s power. Not, until he went into the churches of America and heard pulpits “aflame with righteousness” did he understand the secret of her genius and strength. De Tocqueville returned to France and wrote: “America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”

America is no longer a melting pot, but has solidly congealed into four or more distinct factions. Like a boat with oarsmen paddling in different directions, the ship of state that once was America is foundering. Not to be ignored are criminal elements, but these can be found in all groups, and are adherents of many philosophies. Their creed is “survival of the fittest,” “don’t get caught” and with a heathy dose of “might makes right” thrown in for good measure.

America is no longer good as once defined.

The groups:

1. One portion of America remains steadfast to a belief in free market capitalism, morality, personal responsibility, charity toward those less fortunate and the rule of law. Documents upon which the nation was founded, under God, have endured the test of time and should remain central to the core values of America. The government which governs best, is the government which governs least. Examples and lessons outlined in “The Federalist Papers” are as relevant today as they were when written. Logic and common sense are good things.

2. A second group, the elitists, progressives, democrats or whatever you wish to label them, claim the founding fathers were out of touch with modern times. Separation of church and state should be absolute. Morality should be legislated by man, not traditions formulated by God. Borders should be open. Incomes should be redistributed according to Marxist principles. Freedom, especially personal freedom should be restricted. Privacy is nonexistent. The role of the state should prevail over the family, indeed the family is unnecessary when children are raised by the global village. Government knows best, in all matters. Belief in principle prevails, even when it has been repeatedly shown to have poor or detrimental results….fairy dust and unicorns. They show little willingness to learn from history.

3. As an offshoot of income redistribution, a new welfare class has emerged. This is a huge voting block, loyal to the perceived group which sustains them. They not only are low information voters, they believe any lies or propaganda that seep into their consciousness. These are slaves on the government plantation. Although they produce nothing, they feel they are entitled to everything. When they perceive injustice, they riot, regardless of the harm they do to fellow citizens. Logic and rational or critical thinking have been bred and indoctrinated out of them.

4. Infiltrators from many sources comprise the fourth group. Whether they be purposeful terrorists from groups such as ISIS, illegal immigrants, refugees from war zones or hoards of children enticed by empty promises, they all have one thing in common: no loyalty to principles upon which America was founded. Indeed in the case of Muslims, they want to change American law to Sharia Law which resulted in their home country becoming a cesspool of undesirable living conditions.

Conflicting goals and opposing ideologies have brought this nation to a crisis of identity. The mess is too all encompassing for one man or one political faction to mend. Compromise is not possible when it leads to automatic destruction of one group. It seems to me, a student of history, that the approaching collapse by war, financial collapse or natural disaster will cause an automatic reset. Only when everyone faces the same disaster can they even consider abandoning their ideology and work together for the common good. The world stage is set for a colossal battle between what I call good and evil. Good is live and let live, abiding by historically proven elements of morality. Evil is placing man and man’s law above God or natural forces and attempting to modify or even destroy this beautiful planet.

That my friends is my profound thought for the day.

Be of good cheer,


The Lonely Conservative

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