Friday, May 29, 2015

All Good Things…Greatest Hits Week Coming!


Regular readers will recognize that our Managing Editor, Don King, had all but stopped posting.  At this point in his life, he is making some changes, including working on his radio show.  As such, he has less and less time for blogging, and is deciding to holster his keyboard, and fight he good fight in another venue.  We wish him the best in those endeavors.

As for yours truly, I am working on various projects, my career, my Church, as well as training for ministry.  As regular readers will recall, I hung it up over a year ago after realizing that our fight is as much a spiritual one as a political one.  In most respects, we aren’t fighting a competing political philosophy-we are fighting evil.  And, since evil lies and cheats, we are losing.  We’ve been trying to change the world legislatively, when I think we really need to pray, repent, and win souls.  I am actively pursuing those ends, and hope to do even more.

That leads to the question, what of this place?  I poured a little over five years into it. Don was the first contributor back in 2009, and took over full time for a little over a year, so a lot of keystrokes went into trying to tell the truth about things.  Neither Don nor myself can see just hitting the “delete button” on six years of intense effort.  So, I’m going to leave it up as a museum of sorts.  It won’t go away, even though it won’t be active.  There might be sporadic new posts, but it will be an mostly inactive site.

For the next week or so, I will be compiling a “greatest hits collection of posts,” and maybe we’ll even do one more Useful Idiot of the Month Poll.  I’ll do one last post at the end, and turn out the lights.

Thanks and stay tuned!



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