Saturday, May 30, 2015

‘Climate change deniers’ mocked by obsequious CNN anchor interviewing fake scientist about manufactured crisis

**Written by Doug Powers

Bill Nye was interviewed by CNN’s Carol Costello on Friday, and he was really grilled… about how awfully stupid people who disagree with him are.

From Newsbusters:

On the May 29 edition of CNN Newsroom, Carol Costello brought on Bill Nye "the science guy" (who is not a scientist) to lecture conservatives about the supposed importance of climate change. Prior to the interview Costello introduced Nye as someone who is "ready to fight the haters," and resorted to the usual liberal talking point: "Before we begin, I just want to say 97 percent of scientists say climate change is real and much of it is driven by man, so let’s go on."

At issue was this tweet from Nye:

Because floods in Texas never happened before industrialization really kicked in. It’s true — look it up!

The entire interview really does play like the swan song for a death-spiraling attempt to gin up a public panic:

It’s fun (read: pathetic) watching these people pretend they don’t blame every weather anomaly on “climate change.” They even blame the lack of anomalies on climate change. But the best part of that interview was when the people who think Al Gore’s full of BS were accused of being the ones “playing politics” with the issue. Who says progressives can’t be funny?

**Written by Doug Powers

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