Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Obama’s Silence on Kathyrn Steinle Killing is Deafening

Nope, Obamnesty hasn’t said a thing about the lovely Ms. Steinle. It’s just too much of an inconvenient tragedy for his open-borders lawbreaking.

See Elizabeth Price Foley, blogging about Marc Thiessen’s WaPo op-ed, at Instapundit, «BUT OBAMA WOULD HAVE TO ADMIT THAT OPEN BORDERS ARE DANGEROUS«:

Of course, we know why President Obama doesn't take the time out of his day to express sympathy for the families of such murdered victims. It doesn't fit the liberal/progressive narrative to acknowledge that looking the other way on illegal immigration presents serious risks to public safety and national security. President Obama elevates his narrow ideology and party interests over these broader American interests.

American Power

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