Thursday, July 16, 2015

A reminder about those ‘inspections’ of Iran’s nuclear program Obama has been talking about…

**Written by Doug Powers

When President Obama announced the nuke deal that Iranian leadership is turning cartwheels over, he was big on pointing out how the U.S. will know that conditions of the agreement have been violated because of the constant inspections:

Because of this deal, we will, for the first time, be in a position to verify all of these commitments. That means this deal is not built on trust; it is built on verification. Inspectors will have 24/7 access to Iran's key nuclear facilities.

Inspectors will have access to Iran's entire nuclear supply chain — its uranium mines and mills, its conversion facility, and its centrifuge manufacturing and storage facilities. This ensures that Iran will not be able to divert materials from known facilities to covert ones. Some of these transparency measures will be in place for 25 years.

Because of this deal, inspectors will also be able to access any suspicious location. Put simply, the organization responsible for the inspections, the IAEA, will have access where necessary, when necessary. That arrangement is permanent. And the IAEA has also reached an agreement with Iran to get access that it needs to complete its investigation into the possible military dimensions of Iran's past nuclear research.

The International Atomic Energy Agency will handle inspections of Iranian facilities, and there will be no American inspectors involved — at all:

Why no American inspectors? It’s part of this great “deal”:

It permits the agency to place more inspectors inside Iran, as long as their native countries have diplomatic relations with Iran — in other words, no Americans

What could possibly go wrong?

Oh well — if the whole deal goes bad, Rice will probably blame a video anyway.


Bonus “nuke deal” points: Not only has the Obama administration agreed wholeheartedly to allow Iran to continue their nuclear programs, but they’ve apparently agreed to help instruct them how to protect their sites from attack — presumably from what Team Obama considers rogue states like Israel:

In what is being viewed as a new development, European countries and potentially the United States agreed to "cooperate with Iran on the implementation of nuclear security guidelines and best practices," according to a copy of the agreement furnished by both the Russians and Iranians.

This will include "training courses and workshops to strengthen Iran's ability to prevent, protect and respond to nuclear security threats to nuclear facilities and systems as well as to enable effective and sustainable nuclear security and physical protection systems," according to the text.

Additional "training and workshops" would work to "strengthen Iran's ability to protect against, and respond to nuclear security threats, including sabotage, as well as to enable effective and sustainable nuclear security and physical protection systems," the text states.

The language was viewed as disturbing by analysts and experts who said such cooperation could help protect Iran against efforts by the Israelis or other countries to sabotage the Islamic Republic's nuclear program in the future.

I’m picturing a Tehran version of the Iron Dome where any incoming threats to Iran’s nuke program would be taken out by a missile defense system mounted on John Kerry’s head:


**Written by Doug Powers

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