Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hillary: Iran will never have a nuke on my watch (they’d be sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom so she’d know)

**Written by Doug Powers

In baseball terms, the nuke deal with Iran allows Tehran to advance to third base on the atomic field of play with full confidence that “inspections” will never allow them to steal home.

Hillary Clinton, who couldn’t even see the Benghazi attack coming in spite of warnings, has vowed to never allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon — the clearest sign yet that she knows voters don’t want Iran to have nukes and/or their check to the Clinton Foundation has not yet cleared:

Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton, in a tough statement on the Iran nuclear deal, vowed on Tuesday that Tehran will never be able to acquire atomic weapons if she is elected to the White House.

Ms Clinton made her statement as critics in the US Congress, as well as skeptical US allies around the globe, criticized the agreement as providing Iran with a glide path albeit a somewhat delayed one toward an eventual nuclear weapon.

‘As president, I would use every tool in our arsenal to compel rigorous Iranian compliance,’ she said.

‘The message to Iran should be loud and clear: We will never allow you to acquire a nuclear weapon; not just during the term of this agreement never.’

A former US secretary of state, Ms Clinton said she is ‘still studying the details’ of the plan, but gave it her qualified backing.

Hillary added, “And besides, I already sold all the available uranium to the Russians.”

**Written by Doug Powers

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