Friday, January 13, 2017

The Strategy and Tools the Top Ad Agencies Use to Win New Business

new business training for ad agencies

Only 26% of agency new business directors are viewed as successful.

According to the same agency-marketer report, the tenure of a new business director is 2 years or less 

To help better understand why agency new business executives are struggling and what they can do about it, I wanted to share a recent Webinar,Selling Less to Win More Agency New Business.” You’ll discover the proven new business strategy and tools that the top 5% of agencies use to win new clients.  

How to win new business by design, not by chance.

The Webinar was hosted by my friend Dave Currie, the President of List Partners Inc., a lead generation company for the marketing and advertising industry. 

“I’m constantly searching for process improvement, it’s at the very core of the way we do things, and just good business practice overall. Part of my role as a coach to my customers (both internal and external), is to seek out innovative solutions, test and then share them.” Dave Currie

Please view the following recorded session that will provide you with a road-map with specific steps to begin generating new relationships and increase your agency’s new business wins.

Selling Less to Win More Agency New Business (Digital Agency Day) from Winmo on Vimeo.

During this session with Dave, you’ll learn to:

  • Create the architecture for a consistent new business program
  • Identify and attract more prospects with engaging, educative content
  • Rapidly identify and focus on your best areas of opportunity for new business
  • Regulary generate late-stage new business leads
  • Reduce the time it takes to convert prospects into clients

Connect with Dave Currie via Twitter: @newbusinessdingo

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The Strategy and Tools the Top Ad Agencies Use to Win New Business

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