Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Use The Right Bait When You Fish For Ad Agency New Business


How to put yourself in front of prospects so they can’t help but find you.

Since 2007, I’ve pioneered the use of social media, content and inbound marketing strategies specifically for agency new business. I originated a system that makes targeting, positioning and differentiation easier and helps agencies to find, attract and engage their best prospects online. I’ve trained over 200 agency CEOs and their senior management teams in all 50 states here in the U.S. and agencies in over 21 foreign countries.

In a podcast conversation with Drew McLellan, who owns and runs, Agency Management Institute (AMI), I talk about how to leverage social media to create a niche for your agency that will help your agency stand out from the competition. 

What you’ll learn from this podcast interview:

  • Generating new business through niche blogs
  • Making these niche blogs truly a niche (hint: “healthcare” is not a niche)
  • Why these blogs need to be written by one or two visible authors
  • The pace these blogs have to be written, at least initially
  • Why you should start out with just one niche blog
  • Why a person should be the face of only one blog
  • How to keep this process running smoothly and consistently
  • Why agencies have to add consulting as a service line
  • The differences agency websites and niche blogs to have
  • The time commitment this program requires
  • The steps your agency can take right now to get this program up and running

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More About AMI

The Agency Management Institute (AMI), offers training and an agency owner network for small to midsize advertising, digital, marketing, media and PR agencies. 

The podcast, Build A Better Agency, is a helpful resource that is provided by Drew and AMI,

No matter how strong, big or well-known your agency is today — I believe it can get even better.  My guests are all agency-centric or have an expertise in an area that I believe agency owners need to know more about. Drew McLellan

Each podcast is 30-45 minutes long and ends with next steps that you can take immediately to implement something you’ve heard. Agency leaders will gain new ideas, fresh perspective and maybe a kick in the pants or two from listening.

A new episode is released every Wednesday. Subscribe to Build A Better Agency:

Ways to Connect with Drew

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Use The Right Bait When You Fish For Ad Agency New Business

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