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Make Life Easy for Your Customers with a Responsive Website

There’s no denying the fact that if you want your business to have any kind of clout, you need to have a website. There’s also no denying the popularity of WordPress, for blogging certainly, but also for site building.

Make Life Easy for Your Customers with a Responsive Website

But businesses looking to build websites for their organizations should probably consider a platform better suited to meeting their needs. This is especially true of the need for websites to be compatible with devices other than desktop computers.

There are better alternatives

As of 2011, almost a quarter of all new websites were built using WordPress. Almost half of the top blogs, including Mashable, also use the platform.

Given WordPress’s popularity, it would be easy for someone who wants to build a website to simply default to using that software. However, WordPress’s creators actually designed it specifically to support blogging.

WordPress has adapted to the needs of site builders over time. But there are better options available to those who need websites for their burgeoning businesses.

What qualities does a business-focused platform need?

Initially, WordPress might work fine for a new company. But every organization wants to grow, and as companies (hopefully) achieve success, supervising all of their details becomes more difficult.

For example, a developing business will likely have to manage an expanding database of clients. Company leaders probably have to deal with a growing product catalog, user-generated content, and social media. They need to consider how to make the site easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. There are also advertising and security to think about.

Finally, there is the all-important need for the site to be responsive. That is, sites should be easy to navigate on tablets and smartphones.

It’s not as though it’s impossible for WordPress to handle these issues. But there are platforms that can handle these tasks better because of being specifically designed for that purpose.

One of those platforms is Duda. Duda specializes in building sites that are responsive on any kind of device, whether desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The company knows how to make the site building process, as well as the final product, easy to use and beautiful to look at.

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Building a website with Duda

Building a site with Duda’s software can be as simple as dragging and dropping, or you can write custom coding if you prefer. To begin creating a website, all you have to do is enter a client’s old site’s URL or have the client fill out a content collection form. Then Duda imports all the information you need for building the new site.

You and your client can both access and manage the site after it goes live. However, you can still put the site’s management under your branding and set limits on your client’s access to the site. Duda’s software comes with analytics and an easy to use dashboard.

The importance of responsiveness

Many people prefer to access websites on their smartphones because of the phones’ portability and convenience. And smartphone use is only going to increase since the rising generation is now growing up using them.

It’s frustrating to be on your phone trying to navigate a website that is not responding well. There might be a delay while you’re scrolling, or the site layout might be off center. Or there could be an overwhelming amount of cluttered text.

WordPress does have a variety of plug-ins you can download to make your site mobile-friendly. However, a downside of this situation is that you have to sort through all the pros and cons of each plug-in and evaluate which one you’re going choose.

Duda, on the other hand, has software that makes it incredibly easy to make your current site compatible with mobile devices. In this video, a Duda user demonstrates the limitations of a non-responsive site. He then shows what it looks like to use Duda to take that site and make a mobile-friendly version of it.

Note that Duda does not require you to build an entirely new website in order for your site to be compatible with mobile. You simply convert your existing site to one that is much easier to view on smartphones.

So even if you’re happy with the platform you’re currently using to manage your business’s website, Duda can still help you not lose mobile visitors.

Reviews and pricing

Not only is Duda well-rated on G2 Crowd, but Top Ten Reviews gave the platform its Gold Award for mobile-website design. The reason why is Duda’s “great tools and simplicity” and that it “can save you hours of work.”

You can take advantage of Duda totally for free, but the cost of a few extra perks is very affordable. The Business+ plan for responsive websites is only $ 14.95/month if you get the annual plan and $ 19/month on a month-to-month basis. For a mobile-only site, the premium plan is $ 7.20/month annually or $ 9.99/month for the month-to-month option.

In both cases, paying for the most inexpensive plan removes Duda ads from your site and gets you your own domain name, among other benefits.

Simplify, simplify

In Walden, Henry David Thoreau observed, “Our life is frittered away by detail…Simplify, simplify.”

As far as resources go that will help you set up a website of simplicity and beauty, Duda is one of the best tools out there. Rather than having to sort through and evaluate a multitude of plug-ins for your site, you get one option that you know works.

If you need to build a website for your business or haven’t yet transitioned to one that is mobile-friendly, Duda is worth your consideration.

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Make Life Easy for Your Customers with a Responsive Website

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