Thursday, June 25, 2015

Typical – GOP Leadership Threatens Conservatives Who Voted Against Obamatrade

The world really is upside down. Republican leadership pulled out all of the stops to help President Obama – who trashes them every chance he gets – get his trade bills through Congress. His power will be increased and he will not return the favor. Not only did they bend over backwards to help Obama, they’re now punishing conservatives who voted against it. And they wonder why people are so cynical.

Conservative lawmakers serving as subcommittee chairmen are finding themselves on the receiving end of retribution from House leadership for defying party leaders.

Last week, 34 Republicans broke from their party in voting against a routine procedural rule that would have advanced Trade Promotion Authority. Since then, GOP leadership has come down hard on those members, removing some from the leadership team and threatening others with losing subcommittee chairmanships.

This show of force from leadership has angered conservative lawmakers and members of the House Freedom Caucus, who are speaking out against the "culture of punishment and fear" that's emerged during John Boehner's tenure as speaker. (Read More)

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