Sunday, June 28, 2015

How much of Hillary’s gay pride swag will the Clinton Foundation’s Middle Eastern donors buy? (Sunday open thread)

**Written by Doug Powers

It was quite a news week, so here’s an open thread to help digest it all — or talk about something unrelated if you like. Today’s open thread is brought to you by Happyscrapper, a pound of bacon and Michelle’s great new book Who Built That.

Here are a few things to help jump-start things…


Hillary Clinton has been an active proponent of same-sex marriage for at least several months, and she obviously feels like that’s been enough time to pretend that she’s been a long time champion of the cause:


Hillary’s campaign spray painted over pictures of her husband signing DOMA on these items and added an updated design:

The Clinton Foundation has accepted around $ 40 million in donations from Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. How much of that swag will Hillary’s campaign be able to sell them?


This week’s “Best Roundhouse Kick to the First Amendment by a ‘Media’ Outlet” award goes to the PennLive/Patriot-News in central Pennsylvania, which said it will “strictly limit” op-eds and letters to the editor that oppose same-sex marriage. It’s always helpful to the State when the media self-censors.


This. Is CNN.


Wal-Mart has put a ban on the sale of all things that display the Confederate flag (including cakes), but if you want ’em to make you an ISIS cake, they’ve got you covered. As for Wal-Mart’s Confederate flag ban, it looks like some Skynyrd albums have slipped through the cracks.


The press was captivated by President Obama’s rendition of Amazing Grace at Rev. Clementa Pinckney’s funeral service, and would like to remind you that he is awesome:

I’m currently halfway through writing the script and score for “If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep Your Plan: The Musical.” Hopefully Obama will agree to play the lead. Again.

When Obama sings, the media reacts predictably:


Lois Lerner’s hard drive likely crashed due to “an impact of some sort.” Probably a high speed impact with Hillary’s email server.


These two tweets back-to-back are gold:

Have a great Sunday, all!

**Written by Doug Powers

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