Sunday, February 5, 2017

Twitter Changes Where to Find More Tweets; BuzzSumo and ViralContentBee More Important Now

Today brought yet another surprise from Twitter. Let’s review:

  1. First they take away share counts, killing social proof for their site.
  2. Twitter search removed the ability to see all historical tweets.
  3. Today, the ability to see all recent tweets got moved.

Twitter Changes Where to Find More Tweets; BuzzSumo and ViralContentBee More Important Now

Find out not only how to get to as many tweets of a particular URL or hashtag as possible, but also how to find out who shared and how influential they are on Twitter and on their own site.

In spite of much contemplation, I have not seen anyone come up with any logical explanation for Twitter commiting social proof suicide. Click To Tweet

Hiding historical tweets is likely to be to make them more valuable to sell to corporations who want data no one else can access.

Twitter must not realize that influencers view all tweets of a piece of content they want to share so that they can retweet the best image and text combination that has been shared. That makes our sharing more viral and increases our engagement.

Previously, when you did a search and clicked on “more”, tweets was an option you could choose to see all recent tweets. As you can see in the image below, when searching for #smallbizfunding, the only two options under “more” now are Periscopes and News, but we do have “Top” (shown immediately below) and “Latest” (second image below).

Twitter moves where tweets are found. Example for #SmallBiz Funding HashtagTwitter moves where tweets are found. Example for #SmallBiz Funding Hashtag

To get to at least some of the existing tweets, instead of clicking “more” and choosing “Tweets”, click “Latest”. Here is an example of what that search shows:

#SmallBiz Funding Hashtag Latest Tweets#SmallBiz Funding Hashtag Latest Tweets

Perhaps that is what they hope this change will bring. I doubt their algorithm is going to be better at knowing what image is most compelling than we are, but it is what it is.

Twitter has changed where to see all recent tweets and historical tweets.Click To Tweet

Why This Makes BuzzSumo More Valuable

Now that we can see even less in Twitter search, we must rely more heavily on other tools. Chief among these is BuzzSumo.  Even their free accounts will allow you to do a limited number of searches each day. This is a search by URL for 7 Ways to Improve Your Business Cash Flow on

BuzzSumo Search By URL For Shares - CLICK IMAGE TO SEE ON BUZZSUMO BuzzSumo Search By URL For Shares

This is a new post, so you can compare this image to the actual search on BuzzSumo to see how they increase. By using BuzzSumo, you can tell whether a post is being shared organically or most of the shares are on one platform (usually due to paid promotions on Facebook although it can also be done on Twitter and LinkedIn).

While something may go viral on any network, excellent content should also have shares on the other networks.

Now, click on “View Shares” and you can see who shared that URL. In addition to the person’s Twitter account, BuzzSumo shows you these stats:

You can immediately see how influential each person who shares your content or content related to your niche is, how strong their individual website is, and how many followers they have on Twitter.

Use Influencer information from @BuzzSumo to develop relationships with the influencers important to your business. Click To Tweet

You can click on the image above or the links in this post to better view the power of BuzzSumo. Remember, you only have a limited number of searches per day unless you upgrade to a Pro account, so use them wisely. Look now while you know what to view.

Why This Makes ViralContentBee More Valuable

As influencers, we collaborate with other influencers. The easiest way to connect with us and get on our radar is to use ViralContentBee (VCB). It is totally free to use. You share content for us to earn credits to ask us to share content for you.

Whenever I share content for someone new on VCB, I follow them on Twitter. That is their invitation to follow me back and interact. Here’s a tip for building relationships:

Twitter Changes Where to Find More Tweets; BuzzSumo and ViralContentBee More Important Now

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