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5 Ways To Improve Your Email Open Rates

Email marketing is a proven way to register better business growth. However, you only achieve actual conversions rates when you opt for the right ways of marketing, which ensure that the email recipients do open your emails.

5 Ways To Improve Your Email Open Rates

While getting funding for business might be easy, running one successfully requires continuous efforts and monitoring. Email marketing is a boon for both small and large businesses, as it offers ample gains with low amounts of investment.

But you only achieve better ROI (Return on Investment) when the email recipient (or your prospective customer) actually opens your email and reads its content. Below are some strategies that will ensure that your customers open the majority of your emails.

Make Impressive Headlines

Not all emails are able to grab the attention of the recipients because they do not all have impressive and attractive subject lines. The concept of impressive headlines applies to other media as well.

You will find that in newspapers and magazines only impressive headlines can get the right/adequate attention, and such headlines also register more sales. In order to have the best and most appealing subject lines for your emails, see that your headlines have the following qualities:

  • Capable of evoking humor
  • Concise and clear
  • Have the least number of characters
  • Personalized and delivers the content in a specific way
  • Have numbers and/or lists
  • Amazing, attractive, or even mysterious

Ensure That Your Emails Can Be Scanned Easily

Users like those emails that they can easily scan. Scanning helps repel viruses and other dangers involved in email. Here are some traits that make an email easy to scan:

  • Keep the content precise and short
  • Use the subheads
  • Include links
  • Present all content in bold and make it colorful
  • Use bullets or numbers
  • Adopt a conversational tone

Never Forget to Include the CTA

CTA or Call-to-Action is a great way to motivate your customer to buy your offering. The calls should be logical, compelling, and should be in contrast to the other text (in colors and/or fonts) so that your readers can easily know where to get your product/service.

Note: Do not include more than one CTA, as your message should not seem overly desperate and needy. Including more than one will also confuse customers as to which action you want them to take.

Carry Forward Your Brand’s Image

The recipients of emails are suspicious of emails that come from unknown sources because there is the chance of a virus, among other threats. See to it that your email has your brand logo, as well as fonts or color schemes that inspire trust in the internet users. While genuine emails speak for themselves, it is better that you take this consideration seriously.

Keep Resending Emails Until You Get the Response You Desire

In order to boost email open rates, keep sending your emails again and again. Know which of your emails have been opened, and persevere in order to get the desired results through the other emails. The more times you send an email to a web user, the more likely it is that he or she will open the email and then opt for your service/product.

Of course, don’t just send the emails again with the same subject line. Change the headline and see which one works best. This way you’ll not only improve open rates for your emails but you’ll also know what gets your customers to respond.

One consideration you should make is the number of emails you actually send each day. For example, what if someone is on lots of mailing lists and everyone decides to send emails on a Thursday? Over a period of time, the open rates for Thursday will drop as people’s attention spans drop because they are receiving too many emails.

17.7% of emails were sent on a Tuesday, with only 8.8% on both Saturday and Sunday. We want our emails to stand out, and they simply will not on days that someone’s email inbox is clogged up!

Therefore, I would recommend testing a variety of different times and days to make sure you find the optimum time for your mailing list. Also remember that the optimum time might eventually change.

There are some other steps you can take that will further boost your open rates, including asking people to add your email address to their address books. If they do so, your email delivery rates will definitely improve.


Boosting email open rates is a skill you can master through time and testing. You can certainly learn all kinds of tactics, but each email list “owner” has different customers who respond to different copy. Follow the best practices, test a little, and you’ll be on your way to increasing your open rates soon enough.

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5 Ways To Improve Your Email Open Rates

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