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Growing Your Business with Effective Facebook Advertisements

How effective are Facebook advertisements for expanding your business?

Growing Your Business with Effective Facebook Advertisements

More than you can possibly imagine.

The Advantages of Facebook

Facebook ads cater to a huge audience: global estimates of daily Facebook users total 1.6 billion. Within this staggering amount are people who would potentially be interested in what you have to offer.

Let’s not forget that users typically spend 50 minutes to an hour on social media platforms. These platforms include Facebook, raising the chances of users viewing your ads. Facebook’s impressive refined targeting options also boost the likelihood of people seeing you. You can put your ads in front of the right people at the right time.

Get people’s attention

Unlike on Google Search, on Facebook you don’t need people to search for you manually. Target your customers by their locations, demographics, interests, favourite Facebook pages—the options are endless.

There are many ways to get a user’s attention. You can write compelling ad copy or use mind-boggling statistics to get your point across in an impactful way.

You can add additional, striking call-to-action (CTA) buttons to increase your click through rate (CTR). Or you can use a variety of images, text, colours, and fonts that best draw the interest and attention of your customers.

These features should be engaging enough to prompt users to click on the ad, get directed to your site, and take an action. Such actions might include registering as a member or making a purchase, whether big or small.

Be smart with your design

With so many choices for your ad types, how do you know which are the most effective? Make use of Facebook’s targeting options and try different ads, noting those that generate the best results.

Like with Google ads, relevance is key to winning in the world of Facebook advertising. Success means more than having ads that are attractively designed. Experiment with different ways to make your ad as distinguishable, relevant, and useful as possible.

Remember that users have little patience. If you have poorly designed, irrelevant ads, they will simply scroll past them and never look back. So understanding your users is of utmost importance.

Focus on conversions

The beauty of Facebook is that you can integrate it with any other marketing platforms, such as your website, email, Instagram and Twitter. As a business, you want your top marketing objectives to be directing people to your website and increasing sales conversions. Therefore, don’t be so concerned over your Facebook ads’ likes and shares. Concentrate on your conversions instead.

Ultimately, those who gain the most from Facebook are those who have original, outside-the-box ideas. They come out with attention-grabbing ads that compel users to take action.

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Growing Your Business with Effective Facebook Advertisements

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