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How to Amp Up Your Mobile Marketing Strategy With Coupons

Mobile phones, especially smartphones, are incredibly common today. In the population of almost 8 billion people worldwide, about 70% to 80% of them are mobile phone and smartphone users.

How to Amp Up Your Mobile Marketing Strategy With Coupons

According to many surveys and studies, these users never leave their phones out of their sights or farther than 100 meters away. Amazingly, marketing strategies focused on mobile phones are actually much more effective than other tactics. The reason why, of course, is that you can easily reach anyone at any time, anywhere.

Coupons, on the other hand, are a marketing strategy that have been around for a while. Marketers usually print coupons on pamphlets and colored papers to attract people in their target markets. Coupons have been very efficient and effective as well in increasing sales.

Nowadays people can integrate just about anything by means of the immense help of technology. For example, you can deliver coupons by means of mobile phones and smartphones, thus reaching more markets globally. If you are wondering how this process could actually work, there are ways to amp up your mobile marketing strategy with coupons. Here are a few of them.

1. Use Appropriate Keywords

Advertisements usually catch and attract people if the ads are implementing proper and appropriate keywords. Most of the time, small, key phrases are the main goal for marketing to prospects, especially in the line of content marketing. The better the keywords and the easier they are to understand, the more effective they become in the prospect markets.

Include keywords that are clearly associated with your product because the product is the subject of the market. In addition, include the location of your product since people today are very mindful of how close stores are to them.

2. Use Mobile Coupons

Since people first began printing and using coupons, many widely acknowledge their effectiveness because coupons really drive sales. However, you cannot fully and and widely circulate these traditional coupons to different demographics and locations.

Given technological advancements, you might want to distribute mobile coupons instead. Technology is far-reaching and efficient. It can easily track and locate different markets anywhere in the world today.

Mobile coupons are a much more effective marketing strategy than traditional coupons. They can instantly reach the mobile phones and smartphones of anyone at any location. There are actually a lot of companies today who use mobile coupons, and coupons from a coupon retailer are the best example in this situation.

3. Special Coupon Offers

A mobile marketing strategy apparently is an effective way of marketing. However, the avenues and windows are limited, so I recommend you give special offers and discounts. Many people today like special offers and discounts so much that they unknowingly spend much more than they usually would.

Apparently, special offers drive people crazy. These deals instill the idea of saving much more and spending less, as long as shoppers use the coupons while purchasing at the actual stores. People generally tend to favor the idea of special coupon offers.

4. Drive Revenue Opportunities

There are actually lots of ways to drive more sales and revenues for your startup or company.

Coupons – According to business survey resources, people have made about 53 million redemptions in the last year. Moreover, the figures are about to double in the succeeding years due to how technologically dependent many people are today.

Geo-Targeting – Geo-Targeting has been very effective in driving sales as well. It’s been especially effective when used with SMS and email coupons sent to prospects residing near a particular store. People in the area find it more convenient having the coupons of companies near their residential areas.

This is especially true if your company has no more than 3 to 5 stores open to market. In those cases, you should limit your mobile marketing to the areas of your concern alone.

Mobile Coupon Delivery – In comparison to traditional, printed coupons, many companies and stores find it is about 10 times more effective to deliver coupons through mobile phones. As noted earlier, mobile phones are the new best friend of modern people. Most people cannot go out without their smartphones or mobile phones.

Mobile coupon delivery is very effective since mobile marketing retains a certain impact on mobile users. Coupons and advertisements are something mobile users see daily. The keywords and the whole concept of each coupon remain in front of the consumers. As a result, users can make purchases depending on when they arrive at the actual stores.

Expand Your Coupon’s Reach

Expanding your coupon’s reach is very appropriate if you have companies and stores in different locations. However, you should make your decisions on a case-to-case basis. If your store offers a product exclusively, you should definitely expand the reach of your coupons.

Instead of limiting your coupon dissemination to mobile phones alone, you can opt to expand your coupons’ reach through social media. You can also use paid advertisements on certain mobile phone applications that are associated with your product and store.

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How to Amp Up Your Mobile Marketing Strategy With Coupons

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